Victim Impact Speakers offers free assistance to family members and to victims of drunk driving crashes. Assistance consists of providing information about the judicial process, working with prosecutors to pursue charges against the offender, accompanying victims and family members to court and to meetings with the prosecutor concerning plea negotiations if relevant, advising on financial assistance if needed, and providing advice on civil attorneys if requested.

George A.M. Heroux, a victim advocate and attorney, is the prime provider of these services. He can be reached by email at

Heroux has assisted several hundred victims during the last 18 years in southern Illinois, central Illinois, and northwestern Illinois, basically the 618, 217, and 309 area code regions.

Victim Impact Speakers is a not-for-profit organization supported by donations provided by people who care and want to help avoid the tragedies caused by drinking and driving and reckless driving. Victims and victim family members always receive services at no cost.

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